Sunday, January 21, 2018

Benchwork Progress

Went to the hobby shop up in East Spencer, NC this afternoon.  I was going to purchase a few things, but was highly distracted by the HO Scale layout on display.  I can see HO.'s so small!  Ended up leaving with only a book.  A few hours later, I recovered from my HO illness and resumed work on the benchwork.

Finished the intermediate supports on the 2x8 section of benchwork.  Cut the 1x4s for the next 2x4 section of benchwork and assembled that section.

I have one more 2x8 section of benchwork to complete.  That one will be more involved as I will cut out the river bed in the benchwork.

This evening, I drove up to Hobby Lobby to pick up some paint.  The hobby shop had paint, but it was so old, I would flip it over to find it dried up like the Sahara.

I talked to Rod Warren who created this scene.  He sent me measurements.  All of his was scratchbuilt.  I'm not that talented so I will try to do the best I can with kitbashing.

Here is a photo of the silos stacked two high.  I think I need to cut the top silo down by 1/3rd.  

Here is another photo with the headhouse.  It definitely needs to come down a bit.

This evening, I worked on two other structures that come with the Prairie Elevator Kit.  I need to find my paint brushes so I can paint.  I will then add the doors, windows and other details.

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