Sunday, January 21, 2018

Benchwork Progress

Went to the hobby shop up in East Spencer, NC this afternoon.  I was going to purchase a few things, but was highly distracted by the HO Scale layout on display.  I can see HO.'s so small!  Ended up leaving with only a book.  A few hours later, I recovered from my HO illness and resumed work on the benchwork.

Finished the intermediate supports on the 2x8 section of benchwork.  Cut the 1x4s for the next 2x4 section of benchwork and assembled that section.

I have one more 2x8 section of benchwork to complete.  That one will be more involved as I will cut out the river bed in the benchwork.

This evening, I drove up to Hobby Lobby to pick up some paint.  The hobby shop had paint, but it was so old, I would flip it over to find it dried up like the Sahara.

I talked to Rod Warren who created this scene.  He sent me measurements.  All of his was scratchbuilt.  I'm not that talented so I will try to do the best I can with kitbashing.

Here is a photo of the silos stacked two high.  I think I need to cut the top silo down by 1/3rd.  

Here is another photo with the headhouse.  It definitely needs to come down a bit.

This evening, I worked on two other structures that come with the Prairie Elevator Kit.  I need to find my paint brushes so I can paint.  I will then add the doors, windows and other details.

Friday, January 19, 2018

How Big is your Elevator?

This afternoon, I cut the remaining support boards for the 2x8 section.  I will install those tomorrow as it got to be too late for drilling as people were sleeping in the house.

Later in the evening, I broke out the Walthers Prairie Coop Elevator kit.  I have been excited about this kit since it first came out.  It looks like many of the concrete elevators I have seen in Illinois.  This fits the bill perfectly.

I get the kit out and notice the size of the silos.  Wow!  This is tiny!  Surely, that must be half the silo and there are more pieces in the kit.  No.  Sadness.

Kit states it is 7 3/16" tall.  That may be with the additional dryer vents on top.  I measured from bottom of silo to top of head house at 6 13/16" (roughly 6 3/4").  I go grab a N Scale covered hopper for comparison.  Damn!  This is way too short!

I add the head house on top of the silo, but this still seems short.  I bust out the old calculator to determine this is 90 feet in N Scale.

I thought about purchasing another kit and doubling the height.  Silos and head house measure out to be 11 1/2".  This comes to 153' in N Scale.  That seems too large.  Performing a Google search, I find that these type grain elevators range in height from 100-130 ft typically.  90 feet seems to short.  I would rather have mine around 130 feet which is roughly 3" taller.  

I will have to ponder this.  Again, my goal is to recreate this.  I guess I need to break out the Walthers ADM silos and Walthers Famers Coop.  I have a feeling I will still need to add some height to this kit, but how much is the question.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Snow Day Progress Report

Today, I actually accomplished something.  Last weekend at the WGHS, I picked up a Walthers McGraw Oil Kit in HO Scale.  Did I turn to the dark side?  No.  I wanted to use the tanks from the kit for my bulk oil facility.  My father-in-law manages a small bulk oil facility in Illinois.  So, I wanted to create one on the layout.

Here is what the kit looks like normally.

The tanks are supposed to be four sections tall.  I only used three of the sections.  

I also trimmed down the standpipe assembly to be more in line with N scale.

These have a rubber hose (included with kit) that will attach.  All of these pieces will be painted.

I couldn't use the buildings as the door/windows would be out of scale for N scale.  The roof assembly and platform for the decking did remind me of a covered loading area for trucks.  I think I will use the roof and foundation along with some scratchbuilt pieces to do just that.

Here are the unused sections of tank.  I plan on adding the Walthers Interstate Oil Kit (N Scale) and possibly the Walthers LP Tank Kit (N Scale) depending on how much room I have.  Overall, I think it will be a decent bulk oil facility.

I'm happy to report one 2'x8' section of benchwork is nearly complete. I need to resize the intermediate supports underneath as I was a little long on my original cut.  

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Snow Day Progress Report

It has snowed here in the sunny south.  Reports started off with a trace of snow.  Last report received this morning 3-6" of the whiteness.

While on vacation in Illinois, I stopped by Chuck's Depot in Marion, Illinois on our way home.  I found he had a N Scale Tug Boat and Coal Barge.  I'm not to keen on barge, but the tug boat would definitely work.  I want to create a river barge dock for the Peabody Coal Company on the layout.  The kit is by BlueJacket.  Here are some photos:

I plan on scratchbuilding a couple of barges for coal that are longer.

This is what I'm shooting for.  My wife's cousins work/family owns Canton Marine Towing out of Quincy, Illinois.  

I was hoping to get more accomplished today, but work had other ideas.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Progress Report - More Bridge Work

This morning, I spray bombed the Walthers Double Track Truss bridge.  It looks pretty good.  Now, for some rust.

I also attended the World's Greatest Hobby Show.  I haven't been to a show in probably ten years.  This was the biggest by far.  The Sipping & Switching Society of NC had an incredibly large modular layout  We saw quite a few long trains travers that railroad.  The radius on on some of the curves had be 12 feet or more.  It was crazy!  I watched them back up a 125 car sand train into the yard.  No derailments!  

This bridge was super long!

This is the kind of Legos I like!

Love the street running!

The lines painted on this road were exceptional!

Speaking of donuts....

I saw this on a display layout and managed to find one at the show.  I can't wait to add to the layout.

More great street running!

Friday, January 12, 2018

Progress Report - Bridge Complete - Benchwork Begins

This evening, I completed construction of the Walthers Double Track Truss bridge.  Tomorrow, I will paint it.

I had a brief window of opportunity to work on benchwork.  I cut the lumber for one of the 2x8 sections.  I hope to start assembly tomorrow.